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Maya Carmen Gerschutz, L.Ac, DACM 


Carmen is a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. She has training in Classical Chinese Medicine that includes a variety of medicinal tools such as - acupuncture, herbal medicine, tui na (chinese medical massage), gua sha, cupping, stone medicine, essential oils, and diet, movement, & lifestyle remedies. These medicinal therapies form the foundation of her practice, but she also makes space for the inclusion of other tools she has learned along the way - breathwork, intuitive touch, sound healing, certain shamanic tools/principles, and the art of questions & conversation to promote healing. 

Carmen believes in the power of each individual to ultimately heal themselves. She is here to honor the uniqueness of everyone’s path, while offering support through their vulnerability and gradual discovery.

Carmen has a background in botany, philosophy, and yoga as well as an education and experience in western medicine. She has experience working in hospice care and transitional wellness, and community wellness for the underserved. 

Carmen is currently an active practitioner of the Taoist Internal Martial Arts - tai chi, qi gong, ba gua, and tao style through the Tao Institute. She also has passions for dance, nature & movement exploration, poetry, music, fermentation, wildcrafting, and tending to land, plants, & animals.

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