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Jeri Ching-I Ho, L.A.c

Jeri Ching-I Ho, MSOM, LAc, is an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine herbalist, who particularly enjoys integrating Chinese massage therapy with acupuncture. She realizes that service to others means to continually engage in a healing relationship with one’s whole self – spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Years of study, service, and healing have culminated in a practice based in Asheville, North Carolina. Her acupuncture practice springs from 9 years of dedicated training and experience in the internal martial art of Tai Chi, including a lifetime of Chinese language and cultural exposure.  

She was innately drawn to the Chinese Healing Arts, including acupuncture, ancient Chinese philosophy, meditation, and Tai Chi in college as a way to better understand herself, and heal her own challenging health issues that conventional medicine provided only symptomatic relief for. In the process, she rediscovered a deep sense of empowered health and inner authority. It is this experience that she wishes to share with others. With gratitude for this life-long journey, she invites you to experience and interact with your body and soul’s unique truth. She is dedicated to supporting your empowerment within the healing process.

When not practicing Chinese Medicine, Jeri loves exploring history outdoors or expressing herself through song, movement, writing, and crafts.  In another life, she might have been a back-up dancer to Bruno Mars!